Hi, I’m Crystal

Creative copywriter, ghostwriter, and book coach for rebels, misfits and world-changing humans

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Consider me your sequined Word Magician, ready to show you what it takes to absolutely write your way into your clients' hearts

(and wallets)
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It’s a FREAKIN’ FREE QUIZ, y’all!

The ONE WORD Your Client Needs To Hear to Convert

Words are like magic to our ears. When someone speaks our language, we feel connected, seen and valued. It’s the secret to making sure your copy connects and instantly converts.

My Name is Crystal

I’m a Copywriter, multi NYT bestselling Ghostwriter, word nerd and leader of the gamechanging Quantum Copy Revolution and Make Copy Your B*tch

I’m so passionate about words – they change the dang world. Stick with me long enough and you’ll be writing websites, emails, and social posts that your clients crave, relate to, and actually read.

That’s the good stuff.

It’s what I do.

I’ll take you behind the velvet rope and show you how to write with all the insider juicy goodness so you can craft your own Word Magic and take making money into your own hands.

It’s time you and your offers get the recognition you deserve…

Let me show you how to craft your own copy, refine your offers and truly connect them to the hearts and wallets of the clients you love and support.

Word Magic moves quickly (because so does yours)!

Writing Retreats & Create-cations

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure writing experiences that put you in the creative drivers seat alongside your very own NYT bestselling ghostwriter coach.

Make Copy Your B*tch!

Go from dreading copy to captivatingly creative. A weekly email that skips overwhelm, moves the needle and keeps you crafting copy that converts.

Quantum Copy Revolution

What I'm best known for - the art of integrating identity with copy to craft word magic that connects, converts & catalyzes at ⚡ speed.

Copywriting & Ghostwriting

Multi NYTimes Bestselling Ghostwriter and Copywriter that’s your 'secret' weapon to crafting your next masterpiece.

My Origin Story

I once wore black (and only black!) and planned luxury events across the globe for incredible people and companies. Secretly, I was writing books for brilliant badasses and turning them into bestsellers.

Turns out, sequins are more my shade, and now I’m living my best life writing, speaking, teaching and hosting YOU behind the velvet rope of words.

I’m best known for not being known as all (sequin ninja status unlocked). A double-threat secret weapon Writer, catapulting clients’ to stage-making stardom by teaching them the secrets I wish someone else had told me about Word Magic.

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What others are saying

Are you wondering if I’ve put my tips, tricks and secrets into practice with actual rebels, misfits and game-changing humans?
The answer… OF COURSE!

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